Paranormal Novels

These paranormal romances are set in a dystopian world where humans are no longer the apex predator. Shifters, vampires, fae and witches roam the land that was once the British Isles. Triggers through the series include violence (lots of it), dubious and non-consent, and death that may require a whole box of tissues.

Within Her Magic

Published March 20 2022

My time in the shadows has come to an end. It’s time to stand up and fight.

After the brutal murder of her parents and being forced to leave her beloved sister behind, Merissa has been single-minded in her mission—learn to control her magic and become a more powerful witch in order to return to the wolves’ territory and free her sister.

My wolf grows restless with his need to protect and claim her.

Four years ago, on the day of his brother’s wedding, Kayden met his fated mate and vowed to keep her safe and out of his father’s clutches. Now she is no longer the young, inexperienced witch he let go and tried to protect. She is a warrior, a force to be reckoned with, and he intends to claim her.

Within Her Magic is a dark paranormal fantasy and not for the pearl clutchers amongst you. Not suitable for those under 18. Triggers include violence (lots of it), dubious and non-consent, and death, which may require a whole box of tissues. You can also expect some steamy scenes.


Surrounded by Magic

Published March 28th 2023

In a world where mates are rare, destiny has brought Lileth three – a vicious vampire, a nerdy witch, and a stubborn Fae. As they travel through the once great British Isle searching for answers and trying to find allies for the new Alpha of the Northern Territory, everything is not as it seems. Surrounded by a dark force, they will need to use their combined strength, skills, and power to determine what is true and what is fake.

Will their love survive, or will their fragile, newly formed bond be broken?

Surrounded By Magic is a dark paranormal fantasy for adults and book two in the Trust in Magic series. This steamy romance contains themes that some readers may find disturbing. Please read the trigger warning carefully.

For a better reading experience, it is suggested that you read Within Her Magic first.


Without Magic

Published November 30th 2023

He will make her bleed
She will make him beg
But without magic, will there be anything left to save?

Torn from her home and ripped away from her mate, Melody is trapped on a barren island. Her mate bond has been severed, but that is not the only pain she must endure.
An evil coven resides on the island, and the devious leader has set his sights on Melody.
She has two choices… give up and succumb to his magic or fight to return to those she loves.

Captured. Chained. Used.
Malaki needs to find his mate, and no severed bond is going to change that.
However, trouble is brewing and unrest between the species threatens his barely repaired territory, which means Malaki must first fulfil his duty as Alpha when all he wants to do is follow his heart.

Without Magic is a dark paranormal fantasy for adults. This steamy, slow-burn romance contains dark themes and triggers, including but not limited to childbirth, dubious/non-consent (a lot), and violence. This is book three in the Trust in Magic series, and for a better reading experience, it is suggested that you read books one and two first.


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